Summer study in Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York

This July executive director of the Lithuanian Expatriate Art Foundation Ugnė Bužinskaitė took 4-week course in Sotheby's Institute of Art in New York deepening her knowledge and developing a better understanding of art and the international art market. The course “Art World Marketing, PR and Communications” surveyed the strategies and tactics used to create integrated marketing and communications campaigns in the art world, from audience research, media planning, and creative development to social media, digital marketing and measurement, and brand identity.

new York webinar Jan 4 highlight

Ugnė studied marketing and communications approaches across different sectors of the art world to learn how key concepts may be applied in different scenarios – whether in a museum, auction house, gallery or nonprofit space. Basic strategies of marketing and public relations were explored along with methods for making the most of social media platforms to develop and deepen customer relationships and engagement. Visits to premier New York City arts organizations and businesses as well as conversations with communications and marketing experts complemented the course.

Académie de Vilna – Vilnius Drawing School (1866–1915) Paintings from the collection of the Lewben Art Foundation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania
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