New artwork in the collection – NFT by Robertas Narkus

The Lewben Art Foundation has introduced NFTs to their collection for the first time. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are unique digital files that exist based on blockchain technology and contain works of art; this phenomenon has resulted in the creation of a new way of collecting. One of the newly acquired NFTs is "Revenge Coin Eye", 2021 by Lithuanian artist Robertas Narkus.

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Robertas Narkus. Revenge Coin Eye, 2021. Collection of the Lewben Art Foundation

Robertas Narkus (b. 1983) is one of the most promising Lithuanian artists of his generation. The artist describes his practice as the ‘management of circumstances in the economy of coincidence’. Drawing together a range of initiatives, collaborations and projects and working with a number of techniques and materials, Narkus explores perceived ideas of the useful and useless, the ordinary and the absurd, obsolescence and productivity, power relations and knowledge, play and the uses and abuses of creativity.

Revenge Coin Eye NFT is a coin created by Robertas Narkus and is a part of his project Prospect Revenge that deals with attempts to instrumentalise and utilise negative emotions into über-financial assets. The coin embodies a restless soul seeking change despite the pressure of circumstances. With this project Narkus introduces an investment scheme, which will turn negative emotions into über-financial resources.

‘We at Prospect Revenge have a solution: we will buy out your anxiety – anxiety caused by failing to sort out the trash; dependency on social media; war; those who voted wrongly; who parked the car badly; rejected ideas; not listening to your wife, husband, lover; bad investment; poor service; dirty shoes or holidays in Bali.

Don’t tell us what to want, how to be, what to fight for. Fight? Are you kidding? To survive, to live well, live a normal life, be positive. Peace of mind is what we want. Are we to be blamed? Don’t you feel guilt on your shoulders? No, everything is not going to be alright, but is that news? Why wait for tomorrow? Accept who you are now.’

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