New artworks in the collection – photographs by Violeta Bubelytė

The Lewben Art Foundation continues to add photographs to its collection and now has acquired six photographs by Lithuanian photographer Violeta Bubelytė. She is best known for being the first woman art photographer in Lithuania to depict herself nude.

Violeta Bubelyte Aktas 52 1992
Violeta Bubelytė. Nude 52, 1992. Collection of the Lewben Art Foundation

Violeta Bubelytė is a member of Lithuanian Photographers Association since 1980. From the same year she participates in exhibitions in Lithuania and abroad. In 1999 the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) conferred her the name of Photo Artist (AFIAP). In 2018, V. Bubelytė was the recipient of a Lithuanian Photographers Association Award given for impact on Lithuanian field of art photography in last few years.

Artist’s works are in the collections of Lithuanian National Museum of Art, MO museum, Lithuanian Photographers Association, National Library in Paris, also in private collections in Lithuania and abroad.

Photos that now belong to Lewben Art Foundation collection are available here.

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