Collection of the Lewben Art Foundation now includes the painting by Auksė Miliukaitė

Auksė Miliukaitė (b. 1990) studied at the University of the Arts in London and the Vilnius Academy of Arts. She has held several solo shows and is an active participant of group exhibitions, artistic projects, workshops and plein-air sessions. The artist draws inspiration for her expressive multi-coloured canvases from painting and its history. In her work, Miliukaitė includes several layers of historical painting production – works by Henri Matisse, Paul Gauguin, Paul Cézanne, Camille Corot, Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin and other artists. She adds elements of contemporary visual culture to historical compositions and constructs new narratives from details belonging to different periods, gives so-far-unknown meanings to famous classical works and provides them with new contexts. Manipulating the material of art history and faking it in a certain way, Miliukaitė explores the life of a work of art since the moment of its creation and analyses how a work becomes encrusted with legends and myths and how its meaning changes in the course of time.

A. Miliukaite Tell me your name Ill tell you whom Ill be tomorrow oil on canvas 100x110 2016
Auksė Miliukaitė. Tell me your name, I'll tell you whom I'll be tomorrow, 2016 (oil on canvas, 100 x 110 cm). Collection of the Lewben Art Foundation

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