Lewben Art Foundation presents "Tristan & Isolde" by Dr.GoraParasit at the art fair ArtVilnius'20

This year at the art fair ArtVilnius'20 the Lewben Art Foundation presents Dr.GoraParasit with the performance-live sculpture "Tristan & Isolde".

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Dr.GoraParasit "Tristan & Isolde" in Berlin (photo by Peter Van Heesen)

The performance was first shown at the interdisciplinary music, theatre and performance festival BERLIN is not BREGENZ (2020), which turned the Plötzensee Lido in Berlin, Wedding district, into a stage on the water for Richard Wagner's operas Lohengrin and Tristan and Isolde. Dr. GoraParasit's contribution to the festival was dedicated to the final act of the monumental Wagner opera.

The live installation which can be viewed both as a performance and as a piece of visual art, presents the Liebestod aria performed together with Jekaterina Bezumenko, LMTA student and soprano vocalist (teacher Ausra Liutkute), and DJ Zentralmuster from Berlin with their electronic orchestral music arrangement, accompanied by actresses / dancers, playwright Erik Zielke and assistant sculpture / set designer Emilija Paciunaite. In her exclusive stage language, Dr. GoraParasit questions death for love and emphasizes the staged nature of death, allowing Tristan to become the smith of his own life and death / the director of the final act of his life.

Performance "Tristan & Isolde" will take place at ArtVilnius'20 Project zone, Hall 5:

2 October, Friday
5.30–5.50 pm

3 October, Saturday
2.00–2.20 pm
5.00–5.20 pm

4 October, Sunday
1.00–1.20 pm
3.00–3.20 pm


Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Centre „Litexpo“ (Laisvės ave. 5, Vilnius)
2020 10 02–10 04

Performance "Tristan & Isolde" by Dr.GoraParasit at art fair ArtVilnius'20 “TikTok Shakespeare” by Dr.GoraParasit premier in Vilnius
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